• Pascal-Ricky Mikulu

Leticia Niwahereza and Staff Members at Kibiri Medical Centre

"Thank you for the masks received at Kibiri medical centre. We appreciate your offer."

- Asiimire Phionah, Dentist, Kibiri Medical Centre

"Hey mumy, thanks for the mask, anurse at kibiri medical center. Thank you so much for such a good heart, caring for people you don't know, may the almighty God bless you so much."

- Kankunda Anitor, Nurse, Kibiri Medical Centre

Most recently, Kirabo Africa Foundation embarked upon its first “train the trainers” endeavor. Our T3 is a sustainable development initiative aimed at increasing the capacity of our partnering community based organizations by connecting them with each other and engaging providing them with cross-training opportunities. Our first project was focused on making liquid soap. The next phase of our T3 initiative will involve our trainers taking it to the next level by training others (who will themselves become trainers) to make liquid soap. Plans for New Hope Soap are in the works. Kirabo Africa Foundation will be providing resources to help jumpstart this income-generating venture.

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